Kit # 31216 ~ Darrow Hooper
Dallas, TX

Earliest Known Ancestor:  Obediah Hooper, Sr. (c. 1720 - 1803)
Location:  Hanover County, VA

Descendancy Chart:
Obediah Hooper, Sr. (c. 1720 - 1803), m. Massilva Brookes
    Richard Brooks Hooper (1756 - 1839), m. Elizabeth Adams Word
       John Word Hooper (1786 - 1884), m. Esther Goodwin
          James Adams Hooper (1819 - bef. 1862), m. Nancy Washington
             John Emerson Hooper (1846 - 1910), m. Margaret M. Hanners
                Isom M. Hooper (1875 - 1910), m. Mary Elizabeth Landrum
                   Wallace Hooper (1907 - 1974), m. Mabel Merrett
                      Clarence Darrow Hooper (1932 - living), m. Betty Jeannine Rountree

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